Resources for people who currently chain their dog outside

Resources for people who want to help a chained dog

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Here are some local rescues who may help take in chained dogs -

You can contact your local SPCA
  • http://www.spcans.ca - this is the website for the Provincial branch - the "umbrella" of the organization

These are the websites for all the individual branches across the province -

Animal Rescue Coalitions

Home to Stay Rescue

Marley's Hope

Litters n Critters

If you are in the Amherst area - Lillian Albion Shelter

If you have a beagle - Beagle Paws

If you have a german shepherd, you can try german shepherd rescue - ECGSR

If you have a pit bull, you can try Nova Scotia Pit Bull Rescue, or Buddy's Bully Rescue

Interesting Articles:

From the Dumb Friends League - a good article for Escape Artists and tips on separation anxiety




Daisy was chained out for the first 3 years of her life

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